4D imaging radar

Revolutionary C-Pilot 77- Ghz 4D imaging radar.

The most reliable sensor on the market for autonomous driving. Is capable of recreating the road scene in 4D in real time and detecting road scene objects up to 300 meters away.

The imaging radar detects objects at the range of up to 300 m in 90-100 degrees horizontal angle and 15-20 degrees in vertical angle. Frequency domain is 76 – 91 Ghz. The radar is roughly the same size as two IPhone. One of the unique technological know-hows is the vertical beam swinging. Not only does the radar detect the coordinates and the speed of road scene objects, but it also identifies their shape, just like a video camera. It truly is the “third eye” of a  vehicle. It operates at any speed regardless of weather and lighting conditions and has the resolution and object detection accuracy of 97,7%. Works at any time of the day and night.

Combined with a video-camera and low-level sensor fusion algorithms makes a perfect lvl 3+ autonomous driving system for self-driving passenger cars.