Neural City

Cognitive Neural City – is a smart city concept aimed at increasing the comfort of daily life.

Over 80% of world population will live in the cities by 2020. More than 87% of citizens correlate comfort with infrastructure. The city has to become more interactive with its citizens. The city of the future prevents complaints and discomforts instead of reacting to these issues and thus the city environment becomes a self-sustainable organism. This is where the term “Neural city” comes in.

The “Neural city” concept includes:

  1. City infrastructure constant monitoring solutions:
  2. Road pasportisation;
  3. City “robomap” development.

As a result, the city will have the following infrastructure elements constantly monitored and damage detected in autonomous mode:

  • City lighting system operation;
  • Road pavement damages;
  • Pole proper functionality;
  • Roadside guard rails, fences and road safety barriers state;
  • Random obstacles on roads;
  • Road sign position and condition;
  • Parking rules violation;
  • Road marking state.
Neural City

The system can be centralized or localized for each city district. The data acquired via robomaps is  highly demanded by automotive R&D companies and users within the nearest future with the popularization of autonomous and connected vehicles and transportation.